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Replacement of Several Teeth Implants

When two or three adjacent teeth are missing, a bridge may be the treatment of choice depending on the condition of the teeth next to the space and the bone supporting these teeth. The more missing teeth to be replaced, the greater the force that is placed on the remaining teeth which support the artificial teeth.

In some cases, when there are not enough teeth, a conventional bridge is not possible and a removable partial denture will have to be considered to replace the missing teeth. A partial denture spreads the force to the adjacent teeth as well as to the underlying bone and gum tissue. A removable partial denture is less expensive than a conventional bridge. However, a partial denture is more bulky and less stable than a bridge and often times metal clasps will be seen when smiling. In some cases, the partial denture may cause deterioration of the natural teeth due to excessive forces.

multipe implants

When an implant is placed in the space where the teeth are missing, it can help by absorbing some of the load created by chewing forces and therefore make it easier for the adjacent natural teeth to withstand the forces. When an implant is placed in the space where the teeth are missing, a bridge may be considered instead of a removable partial denture.



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